About Us

We’ve always wanted to reach out to the world and offer every single one of you something truly creative. It’s an experience that we want to share with you, and a journey we’re excited to walk with you.

 Our story is simple, as all the best things are. We began as 5 friends talking and coming up with new and exciting ideas in university. Over time we saw a space for something truly unique, so we set out to try and fill it. We searched far and wide for something that did exactly what we wanted, but we just couldn’t find it. It’s at that moment Buckle Pro was born, and we haven’t looked back since.

 By combining our creativity, originality and passion in perfect harmony, we want to offer you something truly unique you were never expecting. You could have never imagined it before you saw it, but when you finally do you’ll wonder why you didn’t have it by your side all your life.

 Our outlook is about being bold, different and allowing you to showcase your personal style in your own signature way. It’s how we create our products and show them to the world, and it’s how you’ll enjoy life with us by your side.

 It’s just better that way.